At Coral Reef Pools we appreciate that purchasing your own swimming pool is a huge investment and we want to ensure our clients feel as comfortable as possible with us and the process.

For most clients this is their first time purchasing a pool and doing anything new can be scary so that's where we step in. At Coral Reef Pools we live and breath your project. We are not organisers of trades, we are the trades. What does this mean for you? It means that the same people are working on your project from start to finish. It also means we only do one project at a time, providing you the upmost attention to detail and customer service. 

1. Quote 

We will contact you to arrange a time that is convenient with you for us to pop out and complete a site inspection and answer any of your questions. We are available during work hours, evenings or on the weekend. From here we will prepare a formal quote specific to your project requirements. Our quotes are inclusive of tip fees, permit fees, insurances, crane, lighting, water tanker for filling the pool and temporary pool safety barrier. In most instances all we will  require from your end is a few power points where you would like your filtration setup. 

2. Contract

Once you have received your quote and are happy to proceed we will come back out to sit down and complete a building contract with you. From here we will proceed with placing your pool shell in to manufacturing and submitting your building permit application. 

3. Site Set-out

Upon approval of your building permit we will arrange a meeting onsite to set-out the pool position and discuss the finished pool height.

4. Excavation

Day 1 of site works is excavation. Most of our pools will be completely excavated in one day. This will depend on access to the backyard and in some instances may last 2-3 days for sites with minimal access. 

excavation whittlesea.jpg

5. Sub-floor Prep

Excavation is now complete and it is time to prepare the base of the excavation for placement of the pool shell. The sub-floor is prepared with 7mm screenings and screeded to reflect the gradient of your chosen pool design. 

base whittlesea.jpg

6. Pool Delivery

Okay, it is time to get excited, your pool shell is arriving and we are only a few days away from you diving in!

Depending on your site the pool shell will either be lifted into position via a crane or crane truck. 

pool delivery.jpg

7. Fit-out

Our pool shells are delivered as a blank canvas and we complete the fit-out onsite. This allows us to tailor the pool for each backyard. Some clients may prefer the lights on the left side of the pool, others on the right. That's fine the decision is completely yours! 
Other fit-out items include solar, spa jets, water features, air blowers etc. 

pool fitout whittlesea.jpg

8. Back-fill & Water

It is essential to have an evenly distributed mix of cement in our back-fill. To ensure this we only use premium stabilised sand, pre-mixed in a pugmill at the concrete plant. This is delivered in a concrete agitator unloaded into wheelbarrows and placed around the pool.


A part from being a superior product this delivery method also keeps your property clean as we are not having large deliveries unloaded on your front yard or driveway.  

water tanker whittlesea.jpg

9. Structural Bond-beam

The concrete around your shell is a structural component of your pool. Ties that are fibreglassed into your pool shell are connected to the steel reinforcement in your bond beam, bonding the two together. 

This concrete will also be used as the base to lay your coping pavers. 

concrete whittlesea.jpg

10. Filtration Set-up & Handover

When we pour the concrete for your pool bond-beam we will also pour a concrete pad for your filtration equipment. We will chemically balance your pool and have your pool placed on file at Reece Irrigation & Pools. This way the next time you want to test your pool water just pop in to Reece and all your details will already be on file. 

Handover is incredibly important to us and we request you set aside a few hours for us to walk you through the hydraulics of your pool and equipment. 

filtration setup.jpg